irene dea

about me:

Hi! I'm Irene. I'm currently a software engineer at Facebook/Meta, where I've developed compiler plugins for ML developers, built open-source frameworks for automatic differentiation, created systems for AI-powered chip design, and explored using autodiff for physical simulation in the Metaverse.

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2018, where I majored in Computer Science and worked as a Teaching Assistant for CS61C: Computer Architecture. Go Bears!

Previously, I was a Software Engineering Intern at Databricks, where I worked on architecting and building new notebook features. Before that, for two summers I interned at SPAWAR, where I worked on designing and building a nanosatellite emulator called "NERD", and I designed and built microbial fuel cells.


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SHIP: Allows users to suggest new friendships between their second-degree Facebook friends. If the suggested friends approve (“ship”) the introduction, they can begin chatting on SHIP and decide if they want to become Facebook friends.

NANOSATELLITE EMULTATION & RESEARCH DEVICE: a product that allows for simple, low-cost, and efficient nanosatellite payload testing. Tests for software compatibility and mission survival in different orbits. We call it the N.E.R.D..

NANOSATELLITE POWER ESTIMATION & ANALYSIS SCRIPT: automates the generation and analysis of nanosatellite orbital data in order to calculate power estimations and produce data graphs. Future applications include optimization of nanosatellite functionality using power estimates. No cool acronym though.

MICROBIAL FUELCELLS: what I mean when I say I spent my summer playing in mud. A developing alternative for alternative energy.

THIS WEBSITE: something I've been working on in my spare time. I wanted to learn HTML/CSS/jQuery/JavaScript (and to do some silly illustration/graphic design) and there's no better way to learn than by doing. I'm always adding more and changing up the design, so stay tuned for more!


I've been drawing since I was a little kid. I was part of Innovative Design, a UC Berkeley design club, for three semesters. I also took a drawing class at UC Berkeley and plan on taking painting next semester!

Under construction...In the meantime, here's a poster I made for last year's CMYK Designathon.


Feel free to shoot me an email at or connect with me on Linkedin!